Scientists revealed how the brain signals can be damaged after experienced stress



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January 7, 2004

Biomedical eng. A.Nikolov

Dr.  A.Nikolov

Dr. K.Atanassov

Dr. K.Atanassov

Collaboration between electronic engeneer and medical doctor yield a good results when should be find out solution to one of the most heavy problems in the medicine. A man can be represented as a very complex electronic scheme in which bioelectrical signals are moving from the brain to all organs and even to cells using so called negative feedback. Knowing the theory of the signals let us understand the information which they bring to the main prossesor - brain, as well as the posssible modulation of this information. What actually happen after some stress is experianced. Many of the consequencies are well known, but the medical science does not yield strong logic theory of this process. Everything starts with change of the electrolytic balance in the head. Reduction of magnesium ions in the cortex leads to creation of strong electrostatic field. This brain center  controlsthe hypotalamus -> the hypophisis -> thyroid glandis influenced by this electrostatic field modulating the signals passing in this area.  That is why the possible status of the thyroid gland are three - hyperfunction, hypofunction and Hashimoto's thyroiditis, which responds to the change of the three paramethers of the signal - amplitude, phase or frequency. But why the magnesium ions are so important to avoid this situation. The answer is found again in the electronic. The elements in the group of magnesium are used in the electronic as a shield for electrostatic fields. When they are in enough quantity such electrostatic field is not created.
The discovery made by Dr. Nikolov and Dr. Atanassov could have a direct application in future organ transplantations when the signals to the other organs is found, where the main problem is the rejection. Even suppression of the immune system can't help. Impulse therappy prove that it is completely possible the brain to recognize an organ again after it has lost the controle over it as it is with Hashimoto disease.

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