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The reusults of this treatment are very important not only for the patients to make decision, but for us also, because this is medical treatment and when some small number of patients turn out to be more dificult case we always look for the reasons. And we have to explain exactly why this happens, because we struggle for 100% success. Here are some more interesting cases with disease of the thyroid gland, which are influanced by the Impulse therapy.

This patient is 61 years old. The hystory of her disease begins when she was 18 years old. For 42 years the hypofunction of the thyroid gland has lead to development of 3 cyst, the biggest one is 8 sm. (no mistake - 80mm). For 14 months the dimensions of the biggest cyst has resorb to half. The possibility such nodes to degenerate in malicious tumors are very, very small. That is why surgical operation of the thyroid gland is not only useless, but very harmful intervention because after the operation the gland always fall down in deeper hypofunction. If the thyroid gland is totally removed, its equal to dead. To see how patients feel after operation read more >>.

 The patient you see has diffusion struma - triple enlarged for 8 years. He could difficult to breath especially at night. Because of the problems with the gland he has got hearth attack. Fifteen months after the treatment the dimensions of the thyroid gland are normal, without hearth problems. He is living normal live and is not necessary to take in any kind of medicaments - neither for the heart nor for the thyroid gland.













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