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Revolutionary noninvasive treatment recover completely the bone mass without pills

Everything known for the osteoporosis can't help   you  prevent this process once begun. No drug therapy will restore the bone mass to normal. Calcitonin is the hormone that causes loss of bone mass and the only way to restore completely bone mass is normalizing the function of the thyroid gland. Unfortunately  most of the doctors do not  consider this problem part of the malfunction of the thyroid gland and they are  trying to substitute the lack of Calcium by using injections or drugs. The bone mass  maintain its density only through a third hormone generated by the thyroid gland - Calcitonin. That is why when the function of the thyroid gland normalizes, that problem starts disappearing - slowly but surely, without taking in constantly drugs. The menopause by women can affect to some extents, but only if  the balance of the thyroid gland hormones is disturbed.  Some drugs - mostly hormones, can even aggravate the status, because this artificial hormones gives wrong information to the brain and the thyroid gland fall down in deeper inactivity.
It sounds unbelievable and revolutionary, but the method we use conform this theory completely. Results also proof it.
Treatment:   Impulse therapy which guarantee full recover of the bone mass.


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This is normal vertebral bone

Vertebral bone with osteoporosis -decreased bone mass with fewer and narrower bony spicules