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Treatment through impulse therapy

It is the first time biomedical investigations have proven the possibility that human hormones are able to cure cardiovascular and endocrine diseases. Scientists from Bulgaria found out the reasons for the development of a number of cardiovascular and endocrine diseases, which by now is not known in the medical science. This happens thanks to discovering a method for healing the thyroid gland. It turns out that the main reason for development of pathology of different organs and systems in the human organism is a damage to the function of the thyroid gland. This damage leads to disturbed synthesis of thyroid hormones. As every cell and tissue in the human organism needs definite quantity hormones of the thyroid gland their reduced generation leads to a disturbance of metabolized processes in it. Further this leads to appearing of different affections. The method itself proves the leading role of the thyroid gland for the development of the most serious diseases cardiovascular, neurological, endocrine and blood diseases. The reason for their development is one and the same the lack of thyroid hormones. From the cardiovascular diseases that is: ischemic heart disease, myocardial infarct, myocardiosclerosis as well as of different rhythm and conductive disturbances. The concrete mechanism for them is explained through the fact that the hormone treeiodinetyronin synthesized by the thyroid gland maintain definite diameter of the blood vessels and definite speed of the blood. That is especially important for coronary and brain vessels as the deficient quantity of treeiodinetyronin leads to development of arteriosclerosical alterations in it and to their narrowing and occlusion. Because of the aggravating blood supply of the myocardium, rhythm and conductive disturbances appear.

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