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Q: Is there any complications or side effects applying Impulse therapy?
A: This treatment is absolutely harmless without any side effects! It can be applied to everyone nevermind of the age.

Q: What is the difference between Impulse therapy and other noninvasive therapies like Chelation one?

A: Impulse therapy is hormonal treatment which means that the main reason for atherosclerosis is removed. Chelation therapy has temporary effect and you have to do it periodically because it is not enough to clean blood vesels. The resilience of blood vessels is due to thyroid hormones as well as the speed of the blood current. The Impulse therapy applies only once, but the effect is eternal. If you compare the diseases cured by two therapies you will find out that Impulse therapy completely cure the disease, while other noninvasive therapies only improve the status.

Q: What is the connection between high blood pressure and hormonal balance?
A: The mechanizm is very complex. The thyroid hormones regulate trough the vegetative nervous system the lumen of the blood vessels. Parallel to this, brain centers in the hypothalamus get affected. They regulate the blood pressure.

Q: Does it mean that after the Impulse therapy it leads to cessation taking in the medicaments?
A: Not right away, but gradually. For different patients the period of time is different depending on the symptoms of the disease.

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