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Revolutionary method of treatment. Sustained recovery of vascular walls without drugs

Press to visualizeAtherosclerosis is a disorder of lipid metabolism with subsequent impact on vascular walls. Damage is not only on small and large arteries, but on smaller in which we can talk about universal violation of blood supply. The walls of the arteries thickening of deposition of fatty plaques and narrowing of the lumen of the artery, leading to reduced blood flow. Atherosclerosis is the most widespread disease not only of the last century, but it will remain in the current pandemic. Yet traditional medicine could not clarify the reasons for this disease of the vessels and the treatment is symptomatic and actual causes remain. The factors that are key contributors to this disease are firstly experienced strong stress - 40%. Still no scientific grounded theory exactly how stress affects and what is purely physical. Our view on this question is entirely related to the method of treatment - Pulse therapy. Other adverse factors of importance are more frequent use of microwaves in the last time. Did not harmless are mobile phones especially if used in a long time. A stronger impact have antennas for cellular phones that are installed on roofs of residential and administrative buildings. There are many credible studies on the dangers of using these high-frequency devices. The reasons for the development of arteriosclerosis are complex because the impact of the major risk factors have cumulatively effect. Endogenous and exogenous factors that are citing are actually of a much smaller contribution. Only 25% of the lipid plaques that are deposited related to the consumption of fat animal origin. This is evidenced by statistics - why man which although is a longtime vegetarian gets a heart attack or stroke. And opposite person with normal lipid metabolism despite the amount of meat consumption have normal lipid profile. The greater the cholesterol content in the blood, the greater the thickening of arterial walls. Physiologically men have narrowed arteries of the hearth, and women closer brain vessels. Therefore the incidence of heart attacks in men is greater, while women are more frequent strokes. For the development of atherosclerosis and other diseases contribute as sugar diabetes, hypertension, fatty liver and the like. One of the first symptoms are dizziness, fatigue, insomnia, impaired memory, tinnitus, ischemia of the heart accompanied by pain behind the breastbone, rhythm disorders and others. Further development of aortic atherosclerosis leads to almost 100% occlusion and subsequent heart attack. Sometimes changes in vascular arterial wall is linked with formation of aneurysms, such a rupture is obtained hemorrhage. Once started the process of atherosclerosis can be slowed with drugs that lower cholesterol levels in the blood and improve blood circulation. It's recomended avoiding the consumption of animal fat and severely restrict the amount of salt in food. This treatment is conservative and has a short and a temporary effect. Effective prevention does not exist according to conservative Medicine. In fact, already implemented a very efficient method of turning process arteriosclerosis and restore normal lipid metabolism without imposing drastic limitations. It is very surprising how in the contemporary development of medicine no one does make connection between thyroid function and atherosclerosis. As evidence can again serve statistics. People with overactive thyroid are lipid profile under reference values. Until recently arrhythmia is also not associated with the thyroid gland. May it says that this is the most underrated body but  each organ and system in the human body - heart, nerve, bone, immune, endocrine depends on it's  work . With restoring the normal function of the thyroid gland starts reverse process - clearance of vessels, reducing blood cholesterol, normal blood flow to other organs. Many patients with lower metabolism starts also changes in blood pressure with tends to rise systolic, diastolic or both of the limits. The reason is that the reduced metabolism of vascular walls leads to their calcification (hardening) or degenerative changes leading to the formation of aneurysms, which are exclusively dangerous. If there is a rupture of such a vessel as a result of some aneurysm in the field of brain that can be fatal. Deteriorating elasticity of the vascular walls causes increased peripheral vascular resistance independently of normal function of the system - the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system. With the application of the  Pulse therapy it improves the elasticity of the vascular walls, as well as the function of the adrenal glands. Blood pressure restores to normal (120/80) regardless of age. Recovered signals controlling others endocrine glands, which help improve the work of other organs - Kidneys, liver, pancreas. It strengthens the immune system of the organism with which reduces the risk of malignancies.

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