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1. All degree of enlarged diffusion struma.
2. Nodes, cysts, adenomas of the thyroid gland.
3. Thyreoidita of Hashimoto.
4. Hypothyroidism.
5. Thyreotocsicosis.
6. Tumors of the hypophysis.
7. Ischemic heart disease (heart attacks disapear).
8. Coronary disease of the hearth (myocardial infarct).
9. Rhythm and conductive disturbance - tachycardia and bradycardia, AV blocks.
10. Uncloging of the coronary vessels – under 70% occlusion.
11. Hypertension (essential hypertonia).
12. Neurological disease – neurosis, depression, ischemic insult (light form).
13. Diabetes insulin-nondependant- type II.
14. Iron deficiency anemia.
15. Hemoglobinopties.
16. Reduced immunity defense.
17. Disturbed blood circulation of the limbs(widen veins).
18. Asthma bronhiale with hormonal origin and allergy conjunctivitis.
19. Osteoporosis.
20. Dismenorea.
21. Skin changes.
22. Breast cancer as a prevention.
23. Migraine.
24. Obesity.


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